Established in 2012 and Brand CORNOR joined in Amazon in 2015,Shenzhen CONOR Technology Co., Ltd has achieved an increasing sales day by day. With a increasing number of customers are loyal and devoted to our oil diffuser series,we are thankful and motivated to developed more useful and smarter household products.

  • Get closer to your customers, improve their satisfaction while gaining insight
  • Create compelling new additions to your product portfolio to drive new revenues
  • Offer products that are key components of applications that provide customers with differentiation and competitive advantages


Besides designing new products, when it comes to production, we also strictly requires a 100% test in mass production to avoid any bad products being sent from us. We carefully check the products before entering warehouse and shipment.

On top of that, we aim to offer high-quality products at an affordable price. We make sure every penny you spent is worthy. To enhance the well-being of our customers and make your life not only elegant but also healthier, is what we want to do.